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Legend (oneGeology/ESP_1M_IGME_1GEQuaternary_EN)

ER Paleontology Quaternary1000 (0)
Continental vertebrates Continental vertebrates
Continental vertebrates in caves Continental vertebrates in caves
Continental invertebrates Continental invertebrates
Marine invertebrates Marine invertebrates
ER Prehistory Quaternary1000 (1)
Lower Palaeolithic Lower Palaeolithic
Middle Paleaolithic Middle Paleaolithic
Upper Paleaeolithic/Epipalaeolithic Upper Paleaeolithic/Epipalaeolithic
Quaternary rock paintings Quaternary rock paintings
ER Point Quaternary1000 (2)
Ancient volcanoes Ancient volcanoes
Solifluction deposits Solifluction deposits
Campo de Dolinas Campo de Dolinas
Sulphates and chlorides Sulphates and chlorides
Travertines Travertines
Calcareus crust Calcareus crust
Peat deposits Peat deposits
Terra Rossa Terra Rossa
Dunes Dunes
Eluvium, alterations Eluvium, alterations
Local sea level Local sea level
Deposits Limits Quaternary1000 (3)
Boundary (undefined) Boundary (undefined)
Mapping unit boundary Mapping unit boundary
Water boundary Water boundary
International boundary International boundary
Faults Quaternary1000 (4)
Dislocation lines and faults Dislocation lines and faults
Glacier Quaternary1000 (5)
Pleistocene Cirques Pleistocene Cirques
Direction glacial movement Direction glacial movement
Limit of glaciation Limit of glaciation
Soil Quaternary1000 (6)
Polycyclic soils Polycyclic soils
Compound soils Compound soils
Ancient soils Ancient soils
Actual soils Actual soils
Deposits Quaternary1000 (7)
0L 0L
0I 0I
0K 0K
1D 1D
1H 1H
1I 1I
1J 1J
2I 2I
2D 2D
2H 2H
2A 2A
2K 2K
2B 2B
2J 2J
3D 3D
3I 3I
3J 3J
3K 3K
3L 3L
4K 4K
4D 4D
4I 4I
4L 4L
5D 5D
5J 5J
5I 5I
5K 5K
5E 5E
5L 5L
6D 6D
6I 6I
6L 6L
6H 6H
6K 6K
7D 7D
7B 7B
7A 7A
7C 7C
7G 7G
7I 7I
7H 7H
7K 7K
7L 7L
8D 8D
8G 8G
8B 8B
8I 8I
8H 8H
8E 8E
8F 8F
8L 8L
9D 9D
9K 9K
9G 9G
9H 9H
9I 9I
9F 9F
9E 9E
9J 9J
9L 9L
0 0
999 999