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EGS_LANDEN/EGS_Landslide_Density_Map (MapServer)

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Service Description: First layer: The available landslide records where transformed into a point layer. Landslides mapped as polygons were converted into points calculating their centroids. The 1-km reference grid from the European Environment Agency (EEA) was used to calculate the landslide density for every 1 km2. Second Layer: The average landslide density per administrative area is calculated using the municipal administrative boundaries provided by 10 Geological Surveys, and for the other 7, the lowest administrative level available from the Global Administrative Areas (GADM 2015) is used. A detailed explanation of this map can be found in: Herrera, G., Mateos, R. M., GarcĂ­a-Davalillo, J. C., Grandjean, G., Poyiadji, E., Maftei, R., ... & Trigila, A. (2017). Landslide databases in the Geological Surveys of Europe. Landslides, 1-21.

Map Name: EGS landslides density map


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Copyright Text: Earth Observation and Geohazards Expert Group of the Geological Surveys of Europe

Spatial Reference: 3034  (3034)

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